Serious Brew is an independent game company that makes original downloadable games for various platforms. It consists of industry professionals Daniël Ernst and Maarten Brouwer.

Apart from making their own games, they take on work for hire projects. So if you are a company in dire need of a game, Serious Brew will gladly be of service! Please reach us at info@seriousbrew.com.

Maarten Brouwer
Maarten is the team’s coder, with a background of game design and a masters degree in cognitive science. He’s the one who makes sure the games will run like a swiss clock. Now and then he brews a batch of mead.

Maarten Brouwer, code


Daniël Ernst
Daniël is the artist of the duo. Responsible for the “pretty pictures”, runaway imagination and making things that go boom look good. He teaches Art and FX design at a design college, is passionate about everything stereoscopic and creates interactive animations in his free time.

Daniël Ernst, art


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